Practice Areas

Corporate & Commercial

Advisory on commercial agreements is one of our firm’s core areas of practice.
We are an expert team involved in the negotiating, drafting, vetting and amending of all forms of commercial agreements. Over the years, we have advised and we continue to advise corporate houses, start-ups, proprietorships and other forms of business entities from across the globe, including some leading brands. 
Our work in this sector involves a wide range of areas, some of which are described in the following points:

Investment agreements with focus on inter-corporate and intra-corporate loans; and

  • Investment agreements with a focus on inter-corporate and intra-corporate loans
  • Joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, share sales etc.
  • Co-founder and partnership agreements 
  • Collaboration agreements
  • Service agreements
  • Reseller agreements 
  • Agency, franchising and distribution
  • Management agreements
  • Settlement agreements
  • Standard terms and conditions of sale
  • Supply and distribution
  • Sale and supply of goods 
  • Confidentiality and non-disclosure
  • Knowledge sharing agreements 
  • License agreements
Commercial arrangements can become lopsided without sound legal input. Our firm takes a proactive stance in providing clients with the best-in-class legal assistance in respect of their business dealings. Frequently the starting point is to furnish an exhaustive legal opinion dealing with all the issues that may arise in achieving a client’s objectives. We prepare agreements tailored to our clients’ organizational or individual requirements commencing with early stage negotiation, thereby ensuring better protection of their legal rights and privileges. And in keeping with the service we offer, we also vet and review commercial documents on an ongoing basis.

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