Practice Areas

Education, Hospitality & Healthcare

Education Law and Practice
Across our geographical locations, we provide legal services to a broad spectrum of clients in the education sector, ranging from major universities to private elementary schools. 
Our practice involves advising and securing regulatory and compliance certifications for various aspects of running educational institutions.
We also assist in drawing up employment contracts, school management agreements, and documents relating to the enrolment of students; and in organising large-scale institutional events and competitions (including the legal aspects).  
Hospitality & Healthcare Law
Our team serves clients in the hospitality and healthcare industries.
Our work involves the following:
  • Drawing up hotel management agreement, technical services  agreement, standard form agreements and 'terms of use' between  hotels/hospitals and their respective clients/customers/visitors 
  • Reviewing and vetting guest policies, billing policies, disclaimers and limitations of liability
  • Leasing premises within hotel premises and managing franchises
  • Providing general advice on legal and compliance issues.

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