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Pro-bono & CSR

We offer pro bono services to our under-privileged clients who do not have sufficient financial capabilities to avail professional legal services.
Free Legal Aid
The firm is an empanelled member of the Indian Workers Resource Centre (IWRC), of Dubai, which was set up under the patronage of the Embassy of India in Abu Dhabi. The IWRC is a centre set up for Indian expatriates residing in the UAE. It offers services in the form of counselling, mediation and diplomatic support to Indians in distress in the UAE on matters pertaining to legal, financial and psychological issues. 
Lawyers from the firm, as part of the firm’s pro bono work-strategy, attend legal counselling sessions organized by the IWRC twice a week and have also been part of legal awareness camps organized around the UAE at various times, free of cost. As part of such work, legal assistance on issues pertaining to the following matters are provided: 
  • Non-payment or delayed payment of salaries
  • Delay in getting service benefits, dues and death compensation
  • Non-implementation of bona fide court verdicts
  • Fine/imprisonment and deportation of Indians overstaying in the UAE owing to long drawn legal/employment disputes
  • Settlement of labour disputes
  • Retention of passports by sponsors/UAE authorities
  • Personal/family problems

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