Practice Areas

General Crime

We have long experience of advising our clients in relation to criminal matters. Anything may fall within this purview, from straightforward road traffic offences such as drink driving, to economic offences, cheque dishonour, cyber crime, libel, drug abuse, domestic violence, human rights violations, discrimination and harassment at work, employer's criminal negligence, forgery, assault and murder. We handle the case from police station to court.
A significant proportion of our workload involves acting for high profile individuals, often of good character, who face ruin (both professional and reputational) as a result of a criminal investigation. It is our role to guide such individuals expertly through the complex processes involved and we have an impressive track record of persuading investigative and prosecuting agencies to drop cases.
Our expertise includes: 
  • Advising victims of crime
  • Advising employers/employees on criminal negligence in the workplace
  • Advising victims of human rights violations
  • Advising individuals and families affected by criminal proceedings
  • Dealing with the crossover between inquests and criminal proceedings
  • Crime against women and children
  • Corruption, bribery and related areas
  • Extradition and money laundering
We have a good working relationship with the relevant prosecution and investigation bodies.

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